Top Subcompact Competitors Go Head-to-Head in Manassas: Compare Jeep Renegade to Kia Soul

If you commute in Manassas or Washington DC, you know that navigating tight city streets and getting around town isn't always easy; that's why a subcompact crossover is a great option. These vehicles combine the practical versatility of a compact utility vehicle with the efficiency and sleek performance of a compact. Two of the local greats in Woodbridge, Fairfax, and Chantilly are the new Jeep Renegade and the Kia Soul.

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Cost and Warranty

At every level, the well-equipped Kia Soul is more affordable then the Jeep Renegade, which can skyrocket in price quickly when you add package options, four-wheel drive, or extra comfort options. The new Soul is backed by a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile basic new-vehicle warranty. Jeep's subcompact crossover, built by a brand famous for needing heavy maintenance, kicks basic coverage to the curb after just 3 years (36,000 miles) and only protects its powertrain parts for a mere 5 years (60,000 miles). The Kia Soul warranty protects you much longer than the Jeep Renegade warranty.

Interior Style and Comfort

Both of these vehicles offer stylish cabins, but are geared toward totally different designs: the Soul is more for those who take trips downtown, who need to move seamlessly between the fun of a night in the city, the ease of commuting, and the modesty of the workday. The Renegade isn't quite as flexible; it has one, rooted personality type. And, for all of its boasting about being a utility vehicle, the Renegade actually has less cargo space than the Soul, both behind the rear seats and with all seats folded.

Engine Options and Performance

For the rough-and-rugged mudders out there, the Renegade does have a clear advantage over the Soul: it offers available 4WD as well as an over-the-top off-roading Trailhawk model. The Soul is front-wheel drive only, but that makes it more efficient in general--and a good set of tires in places like Washington, DC and Virginia will provide more than enough capability for daily driving. Under the hood, the Renegade offers more standard horsepower, but the turbocharged Kia Soul offers more available horsepower in its affordable upper-level trim levels.