Are you looking for a little extra money these days and have an older car you can sell? Make an appointment at our Manassas, VA Kia dealership to get your vehicle appraised to see if you can get a fair value back for it. You don't even need to be thinking about buying a new Kia or used car from us and we'll still take you through our easy appraisal process, which will end with a fair offer to you on any kind of car, truck, SUV or commercial vehicle that you're looking to sell. Get started on our Brown's Buys Cars process by being in touch today and we'll be happy to help you out.

We'll obviously take a closer look at the vehicle you're selling to us in order to determine its value, but we also use Kelley Blue Book values based on your car's make, model, year, mileage and other factors. That way, you know you're earning a fair value back for any kind of vehicle you plan on selling here in Manassas. Once you accept our offer, you can go off and use that money however you see fit, and we'll wish you well and not pressure you to shop through our lineups of new and used models.

Of course it's when you do shop with us for your next ride that you'll do especially well selling your older car back. With our easy trade-in process, you'll get a considerable value back in a hassle-free manner that you can apply toward your next new Kia or used car that you want to buy. With that trade-in value applied, you'll spend less in sales tax and in interest payments on a new or used car loan, so see what works for your travels moving forward, and find out what your older car will earn back to use for your next lease or purchase.

Head on over to Brown's Manassas Kia today or be in touch to start the easy trade-in process.

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