Brown's Manassas Kia Has Your Service Covered for Winter


As the temperatures drop, you're going to feel it, and before you know it, the all Christmas music radio station is going to start up, because winter is here and it's only coming in full force in the coming months. However, here at Brown's Manassas Kia we will help you get prepared for winter, which includes plenty of different services that will benefit you in the colder months so you can keep your drive going strong throughout Manassas and beyond!

As an service center providing coverage for those in Fairfax, Chantilly, Falls Church, Woodbridge, and the Washington, D.C. area you can be prepped for winter when you follow a few simple tips for service, which we are here to perform for you. The first one is always to get your fluid levels checked to ensure they're topped off and you have enough. Low fluid levels can lead to the fluid freezing and your vehicle might not be able to function as intended. Another is to check and see if you're oil needs changing because it would be a good time to get it done if you need it as clean oil will help your engine run in the cold weather.

Along with checking the fluids and oil, you should check the heating system to make sure all your valves and filters are working and that your vehicle can properly adjust the climate control efficiently and keep you and your passengers warm. There's nothing worse than being in a car in winter that isn't warming up as fast as it should.

Another check should be with your battery. You want to make sure it has ample power to start even when it's cold out, and we can do a test for you to determine that, while also providing you with a new battery if you need one as we have them for sale and can install it for you. Finally, people who want to have firm grip of the road in snowy weather can have snow tires installed. We always recommend them as well.

To learn more, you can contact us or schedule service online and we'd be happy to provide you with all the details you need and get your vehicle winter ready soon!

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